Welcome to my new Blog

Hello to all my fantastic clients and visitors to my website. Today is very exciting for me as it’s the first day that I have officially ‘blogged’!

Just over a year since launching my new dog grooming business, I am so excited to be moving onto the next stages of its development. This blog will be an exciting way for me to update you on all the things that are happening, news on further training, great products that I think are of interest to my dog owners, dog health, dog behaviour and interesting dog stories.

I continue to look for new areas to grow as a groomer and dog specialist, as part of my training and development. Yesterday I attended a seminar hosted by Julie Harris LCGI, on Canine Anatomy.

We looked at the different breeds and their skeletal make up, their muscle composure, nerves and joints and how the dogs’ body is structured and importantly how the various areas work together and move. We also looked at their senses including smell and hearing and how they effect their behaviour.

This new learning will enable me to make my clients dogs even more comfortable during the grooming process, lifting and holding areas that are typically sensitive such as feet and legs, will now be a lot easier as I understand more about the joints involved and how they move.

I look forward to updating on more interesting and exciting developments in this new blog in the future, thanks so much for supporting my business and my journey so far…

Clare – Top Dog and Totally Mutter