Totally Mutts Dog Grooming Services, Maidenhead

Grooming Services offered

One to One Service

Each grooming session is for one dog at a time and includes a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

During the grooming process your dog will receive undivided attention from start to finish without unnecessary waiting around in cages, however a dog may need to be caged for instance if two dogs arrive together, or collection is delayed for any reason.

Our cages are fitted with comfortable hygienic waterproof matts which will help make your dog feel more at home, please feel free to bring along any toys or blankets that may help your dog’s visit with us more relaxed.

Hydro Bath and Spa

Warm, massaging bath providing a deep and soothing muscle massage whilst ensure that your dog’s coat is totally cleaned and rinsed thoroughly. All shampoos and conditioners are organic and are paraben-free.

Complete grooming and styling

Including washing, drying, brushing out, styling, scissor finish and nails clipped.

Wash and Blow Dry Service

A wash and drying only service. A great way to maintain your dogs coat in peak condition, in between full grooms.

Nail Clipping

Pads trimmed and nails clipped if required.


Pads trimmed, nails clipped and paw palm applied to pads.

Ears and Teeth Cleaning
Puppy Grooming

A gentle introduction to the grooming process which will ensure that your puppy becomes used to the noise and feel of a grooming room and the various tools that are used.

Under 4 months we offer one free groom, to ensure that your puppy is introduced to the grooming process at an early age. One complimentary puppy groom per dog. (Any additional treatments will be charged as normal.)